59. bringcash

Sunday morning, eleven o'clock. Writing « a mano » from a nice pink house on Jasmine avenue, at Victoria, BC. Nice trip. Wonderful wheather. Gorgeous tropical trees and flowers.

I heard some people here telling that BC means Bring Cash. Héhé. Everything is so expensive, that's crazy. But anyway, i just don't mind about spending money.

To be in that garden town is like dreaming awake in a shrub of paradise.

Longue randonnée matinale dans Colquitz Park à bicyclette avec la belle voyelle a. au ventre rond, qui porte amoureusement son premier bébé, avec n. et son chien nucky. Fabuleux sentiers, arbres majestueux, vignes grimpantes, arbustes chargés de mûres, rivières sinueuses aux eaux calmes et limpides, rives vaseuses avec des hérons gris et blancs piqués dedans, aigles volant entre le cimes des sapins, canards flottant en famille, vieux monsieurs en chapeau avec canne et chiens en laisse et toujours cette folle impression d'être tombée dans un autre sac d'adjectifs séducteurs.

I jumped into the airplane on Friday morning. About one hour looking at the luminous end of wing - as you can see on that first nice picture below - before we could fly with white round clouds under feet instead of over head.


They were counting and recounting passengers again and again, at least about ten million times before leaving. Finaly, it was a young mother travelling with her baby, they were forgotting to count her because of the baby, i presume so.

Sunday afternoon, around three o'clock. Writing a little bit more words from Stain Internet Café, downtown Victoria. Lot of people here. Nice place. Black tables. Next step : Chinatown.


Traduction ? Mañana.